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Our church was established by American missionary couple in 1951.  As Bible believing Baptists, we hold a conservative belief  which is the Holy Bible was written by men supernaturally inspired; that it has truth without any admixture of error for its matter; and therefore is, and shall remain to the end of the age, the only complete and final revelation of the will of God to man; the true center of Christian union and the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and opinions should be tried.

Upon that truth our church has a very active fellowship in all ages.  Our church has many different nationalities and characters.  But we have a unity in Christ with joy.

In worship service, there are the singing voice of prase and a very simple Bible message with English interpreter.  We all welcome you to join our services not only worship but other activites which are ladies, youth and men.


Pastor Kazuhiko Sato

He served God as a missionary for 17  years in Africa, Ugadna!  He established  many churches and trained leaders and pastors there.  And he shifted all his responsibilites to national pastors and leaders.  Then he resigned missionary and came back to Japan in 2015.  Now God called him as a pastor in Japan.

God blessed the Mission of Uganda for 17 years! There were many fruits of Gospel and Churches.


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