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What is Church like?

Q. What kind of people are there in the church?
A. For christians, it sounds like very serious and correct people but it is not!  There  is many kinds of people including young and old, students, businessmen, houselife, OL and children.  They are all ordinary people gathering in the church.  So just come and see the church!   You don’t need any preparations or knowledges about God.  We all welcome you!

Q. How much enterance fee to the church?
A. It’s free!  During worship service there is an offertory time but it’s not fee.  An offertory is a free gift to express gratitude to God.  It was not forced.

Q. Once you go to church, can not you stop to come?
A. Don’t worry abou it!  The church is free to enter.  Faith is also free!  So if you are not christian yet, but you can come freely.

Church is always opening the door  for you.  
You can find something special there!