Welcome to
 Ota Bible Baptist Church

We had a Christmas concert on our Web site!  Please visit and see it.


Prayer Fellowship 1/27

(Latest Message Video

Title : We are changing by God


Sunday Worship 2021,1/24

Title : Psalm 103, Grace of the Lord

 – Past Message Videos –

(Sorry, It’s Japanese though!)

 Special Songs in Message Video

10/11 Sunday Service Special Song

It’s like a flower and sea

Latest Song!


  10/4 Sunday Service Special Song

Tears of the Father


Our Church “Ota Bible Baptist Church”

Our church is on color white and very distinctive desgin!

Why don’t you come and try a tea with a open pouch?

In the evening you can find a beautiful church with special light up!

We will welcome you in the spacious lobby.

This is a worship room with warmth of trees.

Please come and visit the new church where full of blessings from God. You’ll have a new experience!


Please check chuch facebook to see more about us!