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Let us do the best we can before the Lord! Together let us pray for the people of Ukraine!

To learn more about Ota Church’s prayer to the people of Ukraine, click on the Ukraine icon below! You will see about our activities for Ukraine people!

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– Our Church’s Bible messages –

2023/8/6 Worship Service

Newest Movie

Title「Jesus commnaded two church ordinances


2023/8/2 Prayer Fellowship

タイトル「How can we rejoice always?


 – Past Message Videos –

(Sorry, It’s Japanese though!)

 Special Songs in Message Video

10/11 Sunday Service Special Song

It’s like a flower and sea

Latest Song!


  10/4 Sunday Service Special Song

Tears of the Father



Our Church “Ota Bible Baptist Church”

Our church is on color white and very distinctive desgin!

Why don’t you come and try a tea with a open pouch?

In the evening you can find a beautiful church with special light up!

We will welcome you in the spacious lobby.

This is a worship room with warmth of trees.

Please come and visit the new church where full of blessings from God. You’ll have a new experience!


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